02, The Hidden House by A+T Associates

02, The Hidden House by A+T Associates is a geometric composition that integrates optimal functionality in an elegant, uncluttered form. The design concept is a direct response to context—the house abuts an 18-meter wide road—featuring a distinctly engraved exposed concrete wall that not not only forms the main feature of the elevation and privacy, but is also a wonderful graphic element. Contemporary minimalism meets timeless aesthetic in a palette of browns and greys for the interior spaces, where a centrally located staircase enwreathes a bespoke artwork cast in liquid metal.

“Since the house was facing the 18 meter wide road, you have to be very careful with the kind of privacy issues it will face, the sound and the dust that comes over with lots of vehicular movement,” explained the architects. “To resolve this issue we came up with this idea of introducing a huge 31.5 ft tall exposed concrete wall which conceals almost all public and private spaces of the house. Towards the end, it converts into individual free standing angular walls,” they said. The distinct graphic pattern engraved on the surface serves to soften the impact of the imposing structure and form an interesting visual element. A singular cube form of the home’s facade remains visible from the front.

Speaking on the interiors, the architects said, “The look needed to be upbeat and timeless, yet refreshingly modern. We were very clear about the material palette from day one. We used warm and earthen tones in form of teak wood, brass, browns in furnishings and greys on walls. All the common connected spaces have a uniform theme, but each individual room has a character of its own as per the personality of the user.”

The living, dining and kitchen areas are located on the lower level, along with the parents’ bedroom (to save the aged couple the trouble of navigating the staircase) and pooja room. The home theatre or entertainment zone is also situated on the ground floor, and is partially detached from the primary block, but remains accessible from the garden area. The first floor features the remaining bedrooms, with a study/library. The spa and Jacuzzi room is located on the second floor, adjacent to a semi open lounge space.

While large openings throughout the home ensure a visual connection with the greenery in the exterior spaces, a central staircase with a large skylight ensures that the interior is entirely bathed in natural light. A bespoke art installation comments on the restoration of cultural values, and is cast entirely in liquid metal.


Photographs by Tejas Shah Photography